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Company FIS Ltd. became the proud owner of the FSC® certification with the purchase of FSC 100% round wood, sawn wood, wood elements, veneer, plywood, massive wood board, laminated compressed wood and dowels and turney parts of wood; production and sale od FSC 100% sawn wood, wooden elements, massive wooden panels, finger joint wood, glued laminated beams, wood boxes, stairs, parquet, flooring, wall cladding, mouldings, indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, recreational good, household articles and other wood products (transfer system).

FSC – Forest Stewardship Council® (Forest Monitoring Council) is an independent international body that grants organizations permission to issue FSC® certificates. FSC certification means that the forest is managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. The aim of FSC® is to promote responsible management of world forests.

FSC CoC certification represents the verification of the care chain for the sustainable development of world forest resources, forest ecosystems and hence ecological balance. The care chain monitors FSC certified material through the manufacturing process from forest to consumer including all interstices and all owners in the production chain must be holders of FSC certificates in order to ultimately mark the final product with the prescribed FSC labels.

Such tags represent a link between responsible production and consumption, or allow consumers to make a decision on socially-environmentally responsible purchasing.

The basic principles of FSC norms are incorporated in the legislation of the countries of the European Union. By obtaining the FSC certificate, FIS Ltd. confirms its continued commitment to corporate social responsibility, the preservation of natural resources and the improvement of the quality of life in the community.